About our marketing agency

John Ireland


I am the founder of NorCal Media Productions. I studied marketing in college and spent a lot of time in various facets of marketing and advertising. Combined with the knowledge and experience I am also an artist. I love creating. I love designing. I love solving problems.

I have a vibrant spiritual life as well. It is a large part of who I am. I feel this aspect of my life just makes me even better at what I do. After time in the industry, I realized there is a lack of honesty, transparency and great customer service. These are the values I instill in NorCal Media Productions.

NorCal Media Productions is a curated collective of extremely talented individuals that embody the values of RE. Photography, programming, content writing are just some of the resources to make your project become what it needs to be. We are agile in crafting the right set of skills for any project no matter how large or small. Lean or large and always highly focused.

At NorCal Media Productions , we are more than just a competitive edge marketing agency partner for small to midsize business owners and department managers. Our commitment to a deep understanding and analysis of our client's business along with their products and services, provides the building blocks for a advertising marketing strategy designed to promote customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

We provide customized and prepackaged marketing services designed to reduce wasted time and money for the busy owner and manager looking to sustain long term profitability and growth for their company. We focus on marketing fundamentals proven over decades and adapt them for use in today's fast-paced and constantly evolving technology platforms. We analyze the online presence of a business as a whole, and develop an SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) strategy to drive traffic to your website, online store, landing pages, and social media marketing channels. Serving You And Your Business